Farzad Aghaeizadeh Saheli

IRAN | Tehran,

Phone: (+98) 935-494 9974

Email: Farzad.aghaiizade@gmail.com


  • Strong abilities in computers
  • Familiar with different programming languages (fluent in C++, familiar with Visual Basic, Java, Qt,OpenGL, XABSL ,HTML 4 ,XHTML,CSS2 ,PHP 5 ,Batch,Bash,Sh,Tcsh, and Objective C)
  • Familiar with different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Familiar different hardware systems
  • Familiar with graphic design programs (3D Studio Max, Corel Draw,Photoshop, GIMP)
  • Strong abilities in leadership, communication, and organization
  • Familiar with socket programming
  • Familiar with web programming
  • Fluent in  web design
  • Fluent in logo design
  • Fluent in simulation (my interest)
  • Familiar with different algorithms such as artificial neural network, fuzzy logic, . . . in programming
  • IDEs  :  Fluent in  Eclipse, NetBeans, Visual Studio.net,Kdevelop


  • B.S Computer Software engineering                                                                           Expected: Dec 2014
  • Shahid Rajaie University                                                                                                          Tehran, Iran
  • Graduated in Physics and Mathematics                , GPA: 3.7                                              2007 – 2011
  • Alborz High School                                                                                                               Tehran, Iran

Honors and Activities

  • Third place in Two-dimensional Soccer Simulation League of 3rd National Robotics Competition in the 12ThKharazmi Youth Festival. “CnexT” Team from Tehran.
  • Second place in Tehran programming placement for kazemiashtiani Institute. (Individual)
  • Fourth Place in othello (Reversi) in Tehran Othello game.  “CnexT” team from Tehran.
  • Second place in International IranOpen Robocup Competition,Member of Amirkabir University Of Technology NAO robot team (robocup standard platform)
  • Member of Shahid Rajaie University Robocup Soccer Simulation 2d team
  • Manager of ACM programming contest in Shahid Rajaei University


  • Farsi (Persian) – Native
  • English – Second Language (fluent)
  • Arabic – Familiar


Available upon request

Last Modified: February 4, 2012